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As businesses try to get back to some kind of normal, a whole new set of challenges have presented themselves. If you’re running any kind of organisation with employees, you’ve doubtless been grappling with the stress of when, how and if it’s time to bring staff back off furlough.

We all want to get things moving and to feel more reassured that our organisations are on a firm footing in these crazy times, but increasing costs before the revenue is there to support them is a risky strategy. So, many businesses are phasing staff back into work and having to be tremendously flexible and responsive as we all adapt to our new normal.

Skeleton Crew

Responding to customer needs can be tough if you’re missing half the team. This is where we can help. The Hickory team is very experienced in looking after a range of tasks and projects on an ongoing or ad hoc basis, including:

  • Website building and updates
  • Email communications
  • Social Media posts
  • Blogging
  • Copy and content creation
  • Designing flyers
  • Arranging graphic design and print
  • Writing marketing communications
  • Customer Newsletters
  • Print & Post projects including ‘lumpy mail’

We’re happy to be your extra pair of hands whenever you need us. Just drop us a line via email or using the form below.



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