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Is your website looking a little tired?

Maybe it’s a while since you set up your website. Perhaps you’ve been so busy juggling your workload that it’s a while since you’ve found the time (or the inspiration) to freshen things up. Of course you know that Google loves new content, of course you know that well written content can help to deliver organic search results, of course you do! But when you run a small business, charity or organisation, finding the headspace to settle down and get creative can be a real challenge.

Don’t throw the baby out with the bathwater!

So often I hear that people are at the point of scrapping their site and starting again. Frequently feeling the urge to do a ‘Marie Kondo’ on your site is a common experience. But before you hit the big red delete button, consider whether it might be just as effective (and far less expensive) to give your site a mini makeover. Tidying up some older content, updating themes and templates, adding new images and giving your website a bit of a ‘feed’ with fresh content could be just what’s needed. By allowing your website to evolve a little, rather than embarking upon a full-on revolution, you could save yourself time, money and stress.

Fresh Energy

You know the feeling: you have a great idea for a blog post or site update – timely, on message and a fresh insight that would be great to share with the world. But, like so many great ideas, the real business of doing business gets the in the way and the idea stays in your head. We can bring fresh energy to your website by bringing your ideas to life, and it can be as easy as 1, 2, 3…

It can be tempting to feel that your web content is getting stale. Website companies depend on this in fact. Take heart friend, the chances are that with a little TLC, your website can be nursed back to health – evolution, not revolution!

Whatever your preference – ping us an email, draw a sketch, scribble some notes – we will collaborate with you to breath life into your ideas, so why not drop us a line today?


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