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For many small businesses and sole traders the idea of outsourcing work can be daunting and off-putting. Understandably there are concerns about costs, quality of workmanship and and working with someone who doesn’t know your business.

But they don’t know our way of working…

Something our customers frequently comment upon is that we bring with us expertise and a set of ready-made capabilities that will benefit your business from the start. Not only can we call upon our own skills and experience, but also we hoover up all the best practice we see in our clients and absorb that into our working practices.

Flexible, knowledgeable people when you need them

When you consider the costs of recruiting and retaining a member of staff with the skill set you need, often outsourcing work on an ad-hoc, pay-as-you-go basis, can be very much more cost effective and produce better results.

At Hickory we pride ourselves on on getting to know you and your team, and working with you on projects as closely and collaboratively as possible.

How are we different to hiring a temp I hear you ask? For admin tasks and batch jobs your instincts might be telling you to hire a temp, but it’s worth considering that while agency staff can prove tremendously useful, capable and cost-effective, they will also need a desk to work at, a DSE assessment, to be covered by your insurance and you’ll be paying a mark-up on their hourly rate to the temp agency.

Our business is helping you get on with your business, not recruiting temps.

Controlling costs

Understandably some small businesses and sole traders feel anxiety about engaging an outside supplier for something they legitimately feel they could do themselves. One of the first questions is often, ‘What if costs spiral beyond budget?’

This is something we completely understand. It is absolutely ok to establish a budget, or to work on a ‘see how far you can get in 3 hours’ basis. For larger projects we can even grant you access to our project time tracking tool so that you can keep a close eye on progress, hours logged and costs incurred. Complete control, sensible charges and a pragmatic approach – that’s always our goal.

Supplement your team

As you can see, the team at Hickory is a cost-effective way of supplementing your team, bringing in skills and resources that may be in short supply in your organisation for the time being.

If you could do with an extra pair of hands, even on a very short-term basis, why not drop us a line?